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by Elizabeth Stokoe

This page collects together my Twitter threads on conversation analysis and communication. The pieces are organized into four sections:

  1. Myth-busting communication and conversation
  2. Work as part of Independent SAGE behaviour group on COVID messaging / communication.
  3. Transcripts of (mostly) politicians’ poor communication.
  4. Other tweets about communication.

Google Scholar has a list of all my academic publications; I store most other science communication, videos, talks, interviews, on my CARM website, and there’s more here on Medium. I’ll update this page when there is more to add.

1. Myth-busting communication and conversation

How are you?

‘How are you’ “are the three most useless words in the world…

by Elizabeth Stokoe, Pentti Haddington, Jon Hindmarsh, Laura Kohonen-Aho, Tuire Oittinen, Sean Rintel, and Lucas Seuren

Golden light bulbs
Golden light bulbs

Communication has been described as the “most important skill of the 21st century”. Yet myths circulate about what counts as ‘good’ communication, including what counts as the optimal circumstances for communicating. Myths arise partly because research in psychology and related disciplines rarely investigates naturally-occurring and moment-to-moment communication, preferring to explore how people communicate in the laboratory or report their communication retrospectively in surveys. …

Moon and rocket monochrome
Moon and rocket monochrome

by Elizabeth Stokoe, Saul Albert, Sophie Parslow, and Cathy Pearl

Conversation has been described as “the primordial site of human sociality”. Every turn during conversation is designed and used by humans for other humans to get different facets of life accomplished. We build, maintain, and end our personal and professional relationships through conversation. We buy and sell. We give and receive help. We are excited, persuaded, irritated, embarrassed, and consoled in response to things others say to us. Conversation is the tool we use to do all these things.

‘Conversation analysis’ is both a field of study and a research…

Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University, specializes in conversation analysis, communication training, & science communication.

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