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  • Neil Stoker

    Neil Stoker

  • Yongkook Kim

    Yongkook Kim

    Yongkook(Alex) Kim is an IBM Z mainframe engineer/architect. Yongkook was a design engineer for IBM Z Crypto HW, now a Solutions Architect at Vicom Infininty.

  • Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

    UX designer exploring how technology can make us better humans

  • Yvonne Tse Crepaldi

    Yvonne Tse Crepaldi

    PhD, researcher of conversation analysis on child-adult interactions, healthcare communication and multilingualism

  • Matt Buck

    Matt Buck

    Mad Rubyist, Consummate Indoorsman

  • Pratik Chhapolika

    Pratik Chhapolika

    IIT- Hyderabad, Data Scientist Paypal

  • Saul Albert

    Saul Albert

  • Lj Design

    Lj Design

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